Friday, September 11, 2009

Via Pia Maria Shapiro

Feeling into your body, the different physical sensations, the emotional flavor and the tone of your thoughts, in this moment, what are you discovering about your reality?

Is it easy for you to tune into the ever changing subtleties of your human experience? Or are you feeling challenged by a sense of numbness and no sensation as this exploration is proposed to you?

The American Culture has taught us to numb our feelings by taking a pill at the immediate arising of the slightest physical discomfort, by learning to be polite and always "being fine" at the response of "how are you".

The Indian Culture has taught us that all matter is an illusion and that we need to transcend our bodies. They have also taught us that the feminine (Mother, Matter) is the temptress and should be ignored or abused and silenced.

The Scandinavians have learned to drink alcohol to numb the pain of disconnectedness and the depression caused by lack of sunlight.

Though you might not be an Indian, American, or a Scandinavian, you might still find the conditioning of one or all these different cultures and ways in your own body and behavior.

The importance of recognizing your conditioning is profound, as only when you dare to look into its eyes and humbly admit to its existence, do you have a chance of making a different choice in meeting Life, Your Self, Others, Every Moment...

This humble recognition takes a lot of courage and is not a path of the faint hearted. This path is the path of the Mature Spiritual Heart Warrior/Warrioress - or Protector/Protectress.

The word Warrior has got a bad feeling in today's world, as the quality of the inner warrior has been distorted by all the abusive, disconnected, power struggles and wars on our planet. The true essence of the Warrior/Warrioress in its purity are a fearless uncompromising, unapologetic commitment to one's own heart's unfoldment and deepest possible expression. As well as a deep honoring of everybody else's journey.

The way of embodied awakening is a constantly deepening awakening to your feeling body, and to your soul's descent into the body, literally Being Here. As you Soul's Purest Essence is more available to you, Here, not outside of your body, watching everything in a state of transcendence (disconnectedness), but Here, in the ecstatically chaotic, messy and deliciously sensual human reality, can your deepest human wounding finally begin to heal.

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